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Where do Southwestern Grads Work? Trixie Pujol

Trixie Pujol is doing early intervention work with children ages 1-4 years old in Los Alamos and Santa Fe, primarily with kids with autism, and runs a monthly support group for parents and caregivers of children with autism. She recently attended the World Autism Congress in Cape Town, South Africa where nearly 1000 people from around…
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A View Into Accreditation…Notes from Chicago

Southwestern College is a holistic, integrative, spiritually conscious graduate school in sleepy Santa Fe, New Mexico. We are unknown even to some long-time residents of Santa Fe itself. (This is changing with our ever-expanding social media presence, but still…)But most people (including our students, faculty and staff) probably do not have an awareness of the…
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SWC Graduate, Carol Christianson, Santa Fe Counselor and Hynotherapist

Carol Christianson I graduated in 1995 and worked in the mental health field as a counselor in various agencies in NM, eventually becoming an academic advisor for 7 years.  In 2007, I decided to take time off from counseling and started a business doing American Clay installations.  This is a plastering process that is eco-friendly…
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Where Do Southwestern College Grads Work? Gretchen Wachs

1998 Grad, Gretchen Wachs, LMHC Having worked as a visual artist for most of my life puts me in a unique position as a creative psychotherapist, as I am no stranger to the deep psychological work that goes hand in hand with true creative investigation. This works in reverse as well, and I truly find…
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Where do Southwestern Grads Work? Susan Boyes, Art Therapy and Counseling

  1996 Grad, Susan Boyes  I now live and work in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where I have a part-time position as an art therapist for traumatic brain injured adults in a rehabilitation center. I also have a thriving private practice, providing art therapy to TBI clients and others in their own homes, or in my…
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Where do Southwestern Grads Work? Michele “Ama Wehali” Rozbitsky

1990 Grad, Michele “Ama Wehali” Rozbitsky has developed a domestic violence program for the Eight Northern Pueblos called ‘Peace Keepers’, worked as a crisis counselor, art therapist and in outpatient mental health services at St. Vincent’s Hospital, and in private practice. In the last six years she has become a Shamanic practitioner and has written a…
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Where do Southwestern Grads Work? Rick Cotroneo, Counseling

1985 Graduate, Rick Cotroneo I started a part-time practice in classical homeopathy. My background in Education made me a candidate to serve as a commissioner on the Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education in North America (ACHENA). Just as Southwestern College has grown over the years through the process of accreditation, so now I am…
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Where Do Southwestern College Grads Work? Zachary Campbell

Zachary Campbell has been working in Coon Rapids, MN as the Assistant Director of Housing with Services for Mary T. Inc.  Mary T. Inc. provides enhanced lifestyles through affordable rental housing, apartments for seniors, residential living, supportive services, hospice, and home health care.  Zachary lives in Plymouth, MN with his wife and two children.  Zachary will…
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Where Do Southwestern College Grads Work? Arlene Burke

Arlene Burke, LMHC, I recently opened a private practice in Art Therapy/Counseling. My office, Wheelhouse Studio, is next to my home in Aldea de Santa Fe. I continue to manage the studio of a local artist and work as a textile artist. I also weave in close-by grown kids, multiplying grandkids, garden, tai chi class and…
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