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…the art of archetypal psychology

Animating your intellect is another way of describing active imagination. For some this description is preferable and yet it is essentially the same transcendent function. The intellect is keen on observation but perhaps less on aesthetic. Bringing in the creative aspect as well as personalized stylization can make our ideas truly come to life in…
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Psychotherapy as a Creative Process with Tejal Murray

This is episode 9 of the Aspiring Coaches and Therapists podcast, by Jacob Gotwals. In this episode (recorded in January 2014), I interview Tejal Murray, who recently completed a master’s in art therapy / counseling at Southwestern College. Listen Now / Download (Duration: 42:55 — 29.5MB) Find out: How Tejal’s background as an artist…
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…tender time warps

What is most tender in your life? What are those frail and ephemeral things fluttering about your day that only you can see? Do you protect these pieces and parcels from the harsh winds? Do they come and go, hide from you, flicker in and out of view? I know what I know yet it’s…
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…between twiddle and tornado

In the lime light of this leaf’s life, there existed a certain twirling device. One clever, clutching thing was able to spin it, not once but twice. So how do we take what comes to us unraveled and turn it tight - bring it into focus, channel the light? This skill requires…
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…calling back the night

The soul hears past the loud and obnoxious. It knows there is little substance in clamor. It does not detour just to stumble drunkenly down the stairs for there is little down there. Nor does it crawl over others to be at the top of the stairs for there is little there too.…
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Transformation & Healing Conference 2014 #T&H14

The New Earth Institute of Southwestern College is bringing John Bradshaw to be the Keynote Speaker, for the annual Transformation & Healing Conference in August, in Lovely Santa Fe!!   John Bradshaw has been an icon in popular mental health, healing and growth literature for decades. Stay tuned for his specific topics (there are…
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