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…your essential exuberance

Last night I stayed up late, sat in circle with dear friends sharing perspectives on life and made art - lots of art in lots of forms. Our words became poetry, our bodies became dancers, our mediums became miracle-makers. The sky inspired the lightening inspired the moon inspired the art inspired me to move, speak…
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… a new dawn

a new dawn is upon you. take yourself into it. be beckoned. be born into moments afresh. send spells of glory with your mouth. listen for your breath. and love, love, always love. sometimes we think we are not enough. our words are not enough. our actions are not enough. our skills our intellect…
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…humans among the heather

Like everything in nature, I express myself because I have to. This phenomenon is essentially universal and our unique self-expressions communicate our unique needs and purpose. An owl has galactic eyes because it requires navigating dark space. A butterfly has fragile wings so as to ride the day's subtle breezes. An alligator's skin is thick…
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Applied Interpersonal Neurobiology

At Southwestern College, we are about to launch a certificate program in "Applied Interpersonal Neurobiology". Kate Cook will be the Director of the program, and you can find our more about it here: Meanwhile, here is a delightful presentation from Bonnie Badenoch, one of the queenpins of the field...   …
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Often we need to consult a second set of eyes and ears in order to catch all that is happening. Therapists especially require periods of reflection in order to keep perspective of a larger picture. A client’s story, history or current crisis can take on a kind of gravity, pulling awareness down until it becomes…
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