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Transforming Sexual Shame in Ourselves and Others

If you’re considering the Sexuality Certificate program but still aren’t sure, consider how it can open doors for you as a practitioner…and as a sexual being.    Sexual problems are among the most common difficulties not disclosed to therapists (Hook and Andrews, 2005).   Feeling ashamed was the most commonly cited…
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For those of us who create visual art, whether its for self or for others, it's known that pieces get stuck. Sometimes I will return to a painting or a drawing years later and finish it. Sometimes though, I can't move any further with a piece, and it needs to leave my space, to make…
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A Newbie Art Therapist Reflects on the AATA Conference

by Christina-Villarreal This year the American Art Therapy Association held their 45th annual conference in San Antonio, Texas.   As a budding art therapist, I decided to take the opportunity to attend my first official art therapy conference, located an hour and half from where I live in Austin, Texas.      In retrospect, I am…
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Can Art Therapists Change Into Performance Artists…and back again?

If psychology is the study of the soul then therapy becomes a process of healing by which we utilize our understanding of soul or, perhaps more accurately, we attempt to understand the soul and in the process, reveal some helpful insights along life's journey. Exploring these depths requires more than just talk, especially when soul's first language is art; whether that be visual,…
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Art Therapists are Artists…and alchemists

An art therapist knows that art-making facilitates transformation within the client/artist. Art therapists know that art can serve as a solvent, a catalyst, a salve, a stepping stone or a philosopher's stone depending on the needs of the artist. In this way an art therapist is also an alchemist practicing the ancient arts of metaphysical transformation. Art-making is an…
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My Research on Spiritual Awakening

In the summer of 2014, I took "Foundations in Human Science Research" with Michael Schwab at Southwestern College. As part of this class, I wrote a research paper on spiritual awakening. This paper was based on 10 years of personal experience exploring spiritual awakening (through meditation and other forms of spiritual practice) from 2004 to…
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…an integral line of light

There is a fresh light beckoning, breaking, brimming with integrity. It stands there. I stand here. Steadfastly still. Burning at the foot of my solitary gill I sing sweet songs of empathy. And she knows where to turn when the lights dim, Down and in To tap the nectar from urchin fin. This kind of…
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Outdoor Art Show

  When you come on to campus tomorrow, you will see that art has popped up here and there. There are heads coming out of the ground near the student lounge. There is a nest, made out of skis and tubing behind the main building. And a chair, with feet, waiting to see you. Enjoy the…
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Seven Distinctive Features of Southwestern College’s MA in Counseling Program

The Southwestern College Counseling program is fully approved by the Higher Learning Commission, and  offers a number of distinctive advantages over most other clinical programs.1.  Our holistic, integrative clinical curriculum combines current evidence-based practices in the field with exposure to alternative and indigenous healing perspectives, traditions and ceremony, for a true multicultural flavor and training experience. 2.  We have…
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…art as transcendent function

Here is an example of an effective art therapy directive for someone struggling to decide between two things. We are all familiar with this position: opposing directions are presented to us and we are unsure which way to go. Between a rock and a hard place. We wonder where to place our energies and how to move forward…
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The Reality About Art Therapy Master’s Degrees

by Dr. James Michael Nolan, President, Southwestern College Here it is, uncharacteristically succinctly from me: If you get a STRICTLY Art Therapy Master's degree, you MUST know that only 4 states (Mississippi, Kentucky, New Mexico, and Maryland) license Art Therapists as Art Therapists. That shocks some people, but it is just the way it is.…
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Where Psyche and Sex Meet: At Southwestern College

Our sexual lives - our desires, our behaviors, our fantasies - are intimately connected to psyche. It’s no surprise then that students and therapists have been asking for more. More training. More information. More conversations about sex. Because the truth is even if you don’t have a practice specializing in sexual issues, sex is…
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