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What Cause Will YOU Stand Up For?

Student debt, the death of Fidel, Standing Rock, a shifting and historically unrecognizable economy, the Trump presidency, the Obama presidency, the avalanche of higher ed regulatory requirements, the exponential increase in documentation requirements by insurance companies, fracking, global warming, the diversification of the country, wall or no wall, remaining a sanctuary city---      Are…
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Juan Blea, SWC’s Newest Trustee

Juan Blea Bio I think in English, but I feel in Spanish.  Where the two meet is the source of who I am. I was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico on October 28th, 1971.  Spanish was my first language; it was the language of home.  English was the language of the…
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MA in Counseling or PhD in Psychology?

So You Want to Be a Therapist? Counselor or Psychologist? Let’s start with the fact that becoming a licensed psychologist will take you a good 6-8 years or more, and becoming an independently licensed Counselor will take you about 3-5, depending on your drive.  That’s huge. Of course it’s not the ONLY thing to take…
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Clinical Supervision Blog for Interns & LMHCs: Part 2

So, maybe that first blog (the True-False Questionnaire) took you by surprise...And perhaps it is good that you were thrown a little.  What Is Up? There is a nationally recognized credential called the Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS) credential.It is conferred by the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE). Six people in the state of New…
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Food & Consciousness, by Dianne Deloren

Food and Consciousness Ah, October, one of my favorite seasons in Santa Fe, time to make my first apple pie of the season, and look forward to homemade muffins and breads, and the upcoming holidays. But this fall is different. I recently received a diagnosis of diabetes, which runs in our family. Actually, I was…
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Ten Tips for New Southwestern College Students

Ten Tips for New Students, from President Jim Nolan  1. You are on the verge of an experience that will change your life. Allow it, lean into it, be curious, not afraid or against…If you are the kind that HAS to fight about stuff, I guess you will, but I would not recommend…
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Considering Working with Addictions/Substance Abuse?

A Letter to Anybody even REMOTELY Thinking of Working in Addictions/Substance Abuse Dear Friends, Colleagues, Prospective Students, Current Students, & Alumni, Credentials, licenses, and professional certificates can help us get jobs, and help us get clients and referral streams in private practice. This letter is for ANYBODY who thinks they MIGHT even POSSIBLY be…
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The Mystical in Private Practice

So far, every one of my clients is me, and is my teacher, and without even knowing it, invites me into great sprawling canyons of awe. I am sure there will be exceptions, but so far—none.Perhaps it is my age—perhaps I am experiencing things, and Others, differently now, as a psychotherapist. I cannot remember what…
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