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Taking a Leap: All Therapy Is Art Therapy

We have a tendency to think that Art Therapy uses “symbols” rather than “words”, as in “Talk Therapy.” I want to remind us that words are symbols too—really language is a staggeringly complex system of spoken and written metaphors that we can no longer recognize as metaphors. Let me point out a simple example: The…
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I Got My Psychologist License Back Today

I got my Psychologist License back today.This is a lesson about what not to do. It took me seven years, six practicum experiences, a 2,000 hour internship at the UMASS Amherst Mental Health Clinic, and 2,000 post doc hours of practice to be ELIGIBLE to take the national exam for psychologists. Then I studied for…
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Paid Internships in Substance Abuse Counseling: The LSAA

Some students get clinically relevant, PAYING jobs early in their career at Southwestern College, even before they are in “practicum.” How?They get their LSAAWhat is an LSAA?The LSAA (Licensed Substance Abuse Associate) is the first level of credentialing toward becoming an independently licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor (LADAC).To qualify for the LSAA license, you…
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INFPs and “Evidence-Based Practice”: A Tale of Two Psyches

Dr. James Michael Nolan discusses the fundamentally different approach of INFP therapists and those promoting "Evidence-Based Practice" in psychotherapy. …
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Andrew Fearnside Art Show @ Wild Heart Gallery

"Everything comes from shit." --Daniel Lanois  2014 was a long year.   In late May of 2014, I was about to complete the Preliminary Studies Program at the Santa Fe Jung Institute and a semester of study in contemporary psychodynamic work. Having completed 3000 hours of direct client contact the previous autumn, I had been…
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