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LinkedIn Part 1 for Graduate Students and Therapists: A REALLY Powerful Tool for Connections, Jobs, Internships

  Why Should I Join LinkedIn?   No doubt most of you are at least familiar with, if not already active in, the world of Social Media. Well, I have recently conducted a pretty in-depth study of the major Social Media forums, and am moving into some of the lesser known ones. As the…
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Scene Change: Shadow Boxes

       This is another assignment for my History of Art Therapy: Current Trends class. Students were asked to bring in to class a medium sized box, recycled materials, and an idea about a scene they would like to change: Personal, Professional, or Global.  This was inspired by a project done with Veterans at Montrose…
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Magical Nest

by Debbie Schroder Some of us were still slowly waking up, sipping coffee as the Saturday class began. And others had clearly jumped into preparing the room, setting up sewing machines, gathering art supplies, toasting bagels. This was the setting for the 1-unit Capstone Class this past weekend. On Friday evening we went over the…
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Technology, Judgmentalism, Digital Immigrants, Texting, Stupid Apps & Eating Crow

It’s always interesting to catch yourself doing the things for which you beleaguer other people. All through history, there has been the doubter (yeah, That Guy) who dismisses and poor mouths new developments, especially technological ones, as dumber’n hell, completely unnecessary, and as sure signs that the world is going swirling down the pot…
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Journey Shoes 2/24/2012

This is the most recent project in my History of Art Therapy: Current Trends class at Southwestern.  The assignment was started in class, and finished at home.  Inspired by Lori Mackey's "Sole Impressions" project, shoes created by cancer survivors and their families at the Wellness Center in Chicogo, as well as Chun-Shan Yi's article "From…
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Active and Passive Thought, Part I: The Journey to the Station

Thought is a fascinating and inescapable phenomenon; it takes many forms and has many names.  We can think linguistically, visually, auditorily, emotionally, sensually, somatically...  Regardless of manifestation, at its core, thought is a means of representing information, mediating, and making sense of our realities; it is integral to our experience. In this day and…
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Active and Passive Thought, Part II: Thinking of Thoughts/The Training of Trains

One way of thinking of thoughts is to visualize yourself standing on a platform within a vast train station, surrounded by matrices of tracks stretching in various directions and at different heights and angles, intersecting in ways that can appear, from certain vantage points, to present purposeful, coherent, even skillfully crafted patterns.  The clanging of…
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Hot Under the Collar: Fashion as Embodied Dogma

I stopped wearing collared shirts years ago.  This started when my wife bought me a shirt with a “banded collar”.  The shirt was a deep reflective blue, and had a decorative, black and silver top button, seemingly Asian in design.  For whatever reason, this aesthetic appealed to me.  Soon, as I accumulated more shirts without…
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Why Putting Things in Boxes Doesn’t Make You a Wimp

by Laura Bailey, Student at Southwestern College There's nowhere in the world quite like Southwestern College; that's just scientific fact. The students who attend Southwestern are striving for authenticity and conscious transformation, and the faculty and staff of this institution are striving even harder to ignite and foster that experience. Speaking from the younger end…
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Breaking Trances in India

Southwestern College and India--Trance-Breaking Experiences At Southwestern College, we talk a fair amount about “Breaking Trances”—cultural, familial and intra-psychic trances. We get to seeing things a certain way, but we did not intentionally or consciously create those perspectives ourselves. Part of our job in “Transforming Consciousness through Education” is to help our students (and ourselves)…
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Unconscious to Conscious Unity: The Hero’s Journey, & The Southwestern College Curriculum

Unconscious Unity to Conscious Unity: A High Speed Chase through Form In addition to teaching mainstream Psychology and Art Therapy practice, this is the kind of conversation some of us get into at Southwestern College. My brothers tend to think I am not serious, that I am grandstanding, that nobody has conversations about this…
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Integrative Mental Health: Holistic Psychology at Southwestern College, Santa Fe

Integrative Mental Health: The Road to the Cutting Edge                 The recent history of Psychology, while interesting in so many respects, is also marred by the fragmentation that is so ubiquitous and endemic in the American university system. What do I mean by “fragmentation?” Well, consider that in some universities, the field of Psychology alone is broken…
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Change Agents from the Heart!

Southwestern College: Change Agents from the Heart--Ted Wiard I love our alum!  The folks that graduate from SWC are change agents from the heart! They go out into the world and make a difference whether it is working in a big recovery center like the Betty Ford Clinic, doing art therapy with the CIA (oh…
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Alligator Allchemy

72" x 36" chalk on paper This image was created one summer day on the back of a large scroll of paper flattened and taped to the floor of my garage. Art for me is an attempt to make the invisible experiences of life visible. And so even as I grasp for the formless in…
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Self Portrait

by Deb Schroder, Copyright 2010 3 canvases, mixed media (collage, watercoler, acryllic), 3' x 4' I’m happy to share my tree images – they were meaningful to me as a process and visually satisfying to me as a finished piece. I like to hang on to the art that I create during Open Studios and…
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