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Monthly Archive June 2012

Sacred Relationship by Patricia Meek

Southwestern College Alumna, Patricia Meek, Recounts a Mission of Healing in the Mountains Sacred Relationship “The winds end when the snow caps of Mount Blanca melt.” This is a common saying in the San Luis Valley, especially in the spring when the thirty plus gusts blow grit across one’s teeth. It was a windy day.…
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An Art-Based Ritual

An Art-Based Ritual by Deb Schroder Artwork created by Magdalena Karlick A summer ritual in the art therapy program has begun again. We’ve started our annual “Portfolio Review” process which is a part of the transition for first year students who are ready to begin second year in the fall. Deborah John and I will…
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Southwesten College Intern, Craig McAdams, in Peru

Southwestern College, Santa Fe: Internship in Peru In the beginning of my internship in Peru, I had the honor and blessing to be able to work with and learn from Andean Shaman (Paqo's). Through this journey, these men became my teachers, mentors, friends and brothers. First, I sat with Adolfo Ttito Condori, one of five…
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