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SWC Student Moriah Lancaster Muses on Colorado Shootings

Life is fragile How do you continue functioning on a day like today? How do keep studying for your matriculation exam when thoughts of terrified people keep flashing in your mind? How do you even move, let alone do the dishes? - You just do. Our society does not allow for the proper amount of…
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A Window Into an Intern’s Experience, from Eliza Buck

Southwestern College, Santa Fe Notes from Cooper Riis by Eliza Buck       7-13-12 Sensing safety takes time.  I’ve been at Cooper Riis for 13 weeks now and have just acquired a level of safety that enabled me to propose a new group and move it forward to actuality.  This process helps me understand the value of…
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A Day in the Life of Southwestern College Intern, Craig Tomas McAdams

Craig “Tomas” McAdams – Southwestern College (Santa Fe)  Internship in Maras, Peru A couple of days ago one of the boys I meet with for individual sessions – let’s call him Steve – came in for our meeting with his older cousin, John, and I was pleasantly surprised, almost shocked when he ran up to…
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“Failure” – A Great Transformational Opportunity, by Alicia Hoffman, SWC Graduate

The Alchemical Possibilities  of Failure by Alicia Hoffman “My heroes are the ones who survived doing it wrong, who made mistakes, but recovered from them.” - Bono. I agree with Bono; surviving a mistake or a perceived failure and transforming it into wisdom or a life lesson is inspiring. If you do…
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