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Art Therapy Heals through Interpersonal Neurobiology

by Amy Hautman Bates   Watching the jelly fish at the Albuquerque Aquarium reminded me of how magical and mysterious we all are. The photos were perfect for my presentation about Interpersonal Neurobiology and Art Therapy for my Art Theories class here at Southwestern College. Painting a watercolor helped me to visualize the brain and…
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Southwestern College sends interns to the Andean village of  Maras, Peru, to work with children ages 4-12 in the elementary school and in an after-school program.  This region, located at 13,000 feet, is very poor due to an ongoing drought and loss of crops and animals.  Men and boys leave Maras to work in the…
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Growthiness, By Andrew Fearnside

3000 Hours: Growthiness   Growthy [Grohth-ee] adjective. 1. Generating personal growth. 2. Transformative.   Growth. Transformation. Expanding consciousness. Meaning the development of new psychological capacities, new relationships, new understandings. Those are the goals. I believe they're the goals of every being everywhere, including mountains and rivers and clouds, if…
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