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Using Art to Slow Down and Feel Loss

Using Art to Slow Down and Feel Loss by Allegra Borghese I had a nervous breakdown my freshman year of college due to over exertion in athletics and an insistence upon academic perfection. The compulsion to achieve and appear on top of everything was a chronic addictive pattern that was not serving me anymore. Art…
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Where Do Southwestern College Grads Work? Ishwari Sollohub

Ishwari Sollohub, LPCC, graduated from Southwestern College in 2007, with a Master's in Counseling with a Concentration in Grief, Loss and Trauma. She has been in private practice since then in Santa Fe. Ishwari works with adults and couples facing a wide range of issues, as well as offering grief-specific work. Utilizing a variety of…
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8 Things I Miss About Being at Southwestern This Summer

8 Things I Miss About Being at Southwestern College This Summer by Allegra Borghese Having the summer off and being home in New York with family is fantastic. I am working on a vineyard right near the beach, rent is free, and I have no papers to write. As much as I love receiving a…
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