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Using Art to Slow Down and Feel Loss

Using Art to Slow Down and Feel Loss by Allegra Borghese I had a nervous breakdown my freshman year of college due to over exertion in athletics and an insistence upon academic perfection. The compulsion to achieve and appear on top of everything was a chronic addictive pattern that was not serving me anymore. Art…
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It’s been raining. I am wet up to my knees.  Cold and overcast.  I am already primed with fear because I saw a black bear on the side of the road on my way here.  Sure enough, a  few minutes into the bush and there is fresh bear spore... less than a day old, I’d say.  I retrace my steps…
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Where Do Southwestern College Grads Work? Ishwari Sollohub

Ishwari Sollohub, LMHC, graduated from Southwestern College in 2007, with a Master's in Counseling with a Concentration in Grief, Loss and Trauma. She has been in private practice since then in Santa Fe. In September 2012, she expanded her practice to include one day per week (Fridays) in Los Alamos. This past April, Ishwari made…
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