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My Research on Spiritual Awakening

In the summer of 2014, I took "Foundations in Human Science Research" with Michael Schwab at Southwestern College. As part of this class, I wrote a research paper on spiritual awakening. This paper was based on 10 years of personal experience exploring spiritual awakening (through meditation and other forms of spiritual practice) from 2004 to…
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Four Mandalas from Archetypal Psychology Class

In the spring of 2014, I took "Archetypal Psychology" with Heather Wulfers at Southwestern College. I was a bit intimidated about taking this class. Of all the classes I'd taken at Southwestern, this was the subject I'd had the least experience with, and I wasn't sure exactly what to expect. I had a feeling this…
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…an integral line of light

There is a fresh light beckoning, breaking, brimming with integrity. It stands there. I stand here. Steadfastly still. Burning at the foot of my solitary gill I sing sweet songs of empathy. And she knows where to turn when the lights dim, Down and in To tap the nectar from urchin fin. This kind of…
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…art as transcendent function

Here is an example of an effective art therapy directive for someone struggling to decide between two things. We are all familiar with this position: opposing directions are presented to us and we are unsure which way to go. Between a rock and a hard place. We wonder where to place our energies and how to move forward…
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Where Psyche and Sex Meet: At Southwestern College

Our sexual lives - our desires, our behaviors, our fantasies - are intimately connected to psyche. It’s no surprise then that students and therapists have been asking for more. More training. More information. More conversations about sex. Because the truth is even if you don’t have a practice specializing in sexual issues, sex is…
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