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Monthly Archive February 2015

A Spiritual Journey

In the early 90’s I began studying with shamanic practitioners.  At first, I worked with well-known shamanic teachers Michael Harner Ph.D. and Sandra Ingerman M.A.  as well as other excellent teachers  associated with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.   These early classes were a breath of fresh air for me,  a way of balancing out my…
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Shades of Grey . . . In Art Therapy by Deb Schroder

I don’t think that anyone explores the shades of grey better than art therapists. Okay, not the 50 shades within the popular book and movie, but the uncomfortable place between black and white thoughts and beliefs. I’m embarrassed to admit that I gave up on reading the 50 shades book because I was so annoyed…
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INFPs and “Evidence-Based Practice”: A Tale of Two Psyches

Dr. James Michael Nolan discusses the fundamentally different approach of INFP therapists and those promoting "Evidence-Based Practice" in psychotherapy. …
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