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How to Stop Doing Things You Regret When You’re Angry

When I'm angry (that is, "triggered"), I'm often tempted to gain relief from my triggered state by protecting myself in some way—usually, by setting a boundary. The problem with this is that setting a boundary tends to be a unilateral decision that's unlikely to meet the other person's needs for care, consideration, connection, and inclusion—especially…
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How to Solve Relationship Problems by Owning Your Part

Consider the idea that we co-create the dynamics of our relationships. This implies that when a problem is showing up in a relationship, each person in the relationship has helped create that problem and each person has a role to play in responding to the problem. I find this premise leads to an empowering way…
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10 Tips to Thrive in Grad School at SWC

I make war with what comes in contact with a person's health or happiness, believing that God made everything good..." ~Phineas Parkhurst QuimbyGrad school is a unique, generally rigorous, and ideally outstanding life experience which will push you to your intellectual, emotional, and physical limits. At the end of year one in the Southwestern College…
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