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Monthly Archive July 2015

How I Prepare for Sleep

For me, the first step in having a great day is having a great sleep—and the first step in having a great sleep is preparing for sleep. I know I'm going to be asleep for about eight hours—and I know that the last hour or so before I go to sleep is a crucial time…
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Noticing What’s About to Be Born

I'm really liking a practice I've been doing: noticing what's about to be born. This works both alone and in conversation. Alone, this practice goes with reminding myself that I don't know what I'm going to do next. Not knowing makes me curious about it. What actually am I going to do next? I start…
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How to Resolve Conflict by Naming Expectations

I find that naming expectations helps me avoid and resolve conflict. An unnamed expectation is an unconscious, unspoken, implicit "should" or "should not" hanging between myself and someone else. I'm not saying expectations are a problem—shared expectations are the essence of culture, and culture is what allows us to relate with one another easily and…
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“Opportunity to Publish Consciousness- Centered Writing”

"Opportunity to Publish Consciousness- Centered Writing" for Evolving magazine. If you are interested in writing for Evolving Magazine -  A Guide for Conscious Living, The writers guidelines are listed here: 2019 Evolving Writer Guidelines  and check out their website here:  www.EvolvingMagazine.com good luck! Are you joining us for the 2019 Transformation & Healing Conference, August 21st…
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How to Make Difficult Experiences More Meaningful

I'm finding I can make difficult experiences more meaningful by using them to cultivate compassion. For instance, let's say I'm feeling lonely—needing more love and companionship in my life. Feeling lonely can be uncomfortable, and loneliness can seem bleak and meaningless. However, I can make my experience of loneliness more meaningful by using it toward…
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