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Who’s Who at Southwestern College – Larry Harkcom

Larry Harkcom - Library Assistant at Quimby Memorial Library at Southwestern CollegeI grew up in rural Pennsylvania, in a place called Pond Bank.  To present I don’t really know what Pond Bank was/is; a community? A hamlet? Shire?  It’s only description online comes from the site hometownlocator.com, which unhelpfully refers to it as a “populated…
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In the Aftermath of Yesterday’s Massacre

In the Aftermath of Yesterday’s MassacreWe heard the news about the June 12 massacre on Sunday evening. A man declaring himself an Islamic fundamentalist entered a gay bar in Orlando, Florida and began shooting. He killed 50 people and harmed 54 more. It is the most destructive mass shooting in U.S. history.My partner looked up…
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Considering Working with Addictions/Substance Abuse?

A Letter to Anybody even REMOTELY Thinking of Working in Addictions/Substance Abuse Dear Friends, Colleagues, Prospective Students, Current Students, & Alumni, Credentials, licenses, and professional certificates can help us get jobs, and help us get clients and referral streams in private practice. This letter is for ANYBODY who thinks they MIGHT even POSSIBLY be…
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