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Monthly Archive March 2017

Flexible Resonating Or Who are You Drawn To? by Deb Schroder

Flexible Resonating Or Who are You Drawn To? As a child I really loved “Bunny Rabbit”, the silent bunny on Captain Kangaroo. I suppose that could have predicted my introverted personality. I cringe when my youngest grandson seems spellbound by “SpongeBob” – I can only hope that’s not a predictor of anything. Similarly, there are…
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SWC and NMATA Letter Writing Event

SWC and NMATA joined forces to offer a letter writing pizza party to help pass legislation that would enable Licensed Professional Art Therapists (LPAT) to receive third party payment for their services. Currently, art therapists can be licensed in the state of New Mexico with the LPAT credential, but insurance companies have recently begun to…
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