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“Consciousness in Action” by Dru Phoenix, SWC alum

Sometimes when “life” happens it feels like you are running to catch up! That was the case when I studied Consciousness here at Southwestern College. When selecting a topic to study in the consciousness class I chose “veganism.” At the time, I was not vegan, but I decided to try and eat vegan during that…
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Inessa Mil'berg, SWC Alum sent us this blurb about Sandplay Therapists interested in providing a non-verbal, depth approach to therapy might consider learning sandplay. Sandplay, as developed by Dora Kalff, is a nonverbal therapeutic process based on the psychology of C.G. Jung. The path to individuation as understood in Jungian psychology becomes visible in the…
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An Interview about the Art Therapy Field with Debbie Schroder, Program Chair of MA in Art Therapy/Counseling at Southwestern College

Debbie, you have been in the art therapy field for a significant time, can you tell us more about the trajectory of your career? Hindsight is amazing, but looking back I believe that each art therapy position helped me secure the next position. Sometimes I would take a leap of faith and try…
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First Year…first quarter (and some tips) by Whitney Tressel, MA in Art Therapy/Counseling student

"Week Five" marks the halfway point of my first quarter within my first year as a first-time graduate student. Both unbounded excitement and complete overwhelm compete inside me for my attention each day. While it feels like there is not much time to reflect blog-style at this peak point in Fall, it is important…
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Healing the Patriarchal Wound by Dr. Ann Filemyr, President Southwestern College, Ecotherapy Certificate Director

  I define the patriarchal wound as ancestral suffering and intergenerational trauma caused by the power imbalance between genders. Under patriarchy, boys, men and the masculine are considered inherently superior while girls, women and the feminine are considered inherently inferior. The extreme social positionality of superior vs. inferior causes distance between the genders and distorts…
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