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Fall 2015 eBooks

The following are links to full text ebooks, which are required reading for courses in the Fall 2015 quarter.  Upon clicking each link, you will be asked (on the page that loads) to provide an EBSCOhost User ID and Password to access the content, both of which can be obtained by calling or emailing Quimby Memorial Library.


Required Readings by course (format eBooks, full text):

Required for AT 630-3 History of Art Therapy (All Sections)

Junge, M. B. (2010). The modern history of art therapy in the United States. Springfield: Charles C.



Required for CN AT 522 Applied Theories of Human Development (section 3)

Firman, J., & Gila, A. (2002). Psychosynthesis : A psychology of the spirit. Albany: State University of

          New York Press.

Hollis, J. (1998). The eden project : In search of the magical other. Toronto, Ont: Inner City Books.

Hollis, J. (1993). The Middle Passage : From Misery to Meaning in Midlife. Toronto: Inner City Books.

Sharp, D. (1998). Jungian Psychology Unplugged : My Life As an Elephant. Toronto, Ont: Inner City



Required for AT 654 Advanced Counseling I: Individual AT & Practicum (both sections)

Moon, B. L. (2008). Introduction to Art Therapy : Faith in the Product. Springfield: Charles C. Thomas.


Required for AT 664-2 Assessment in Art Therapy/Counseling

Brooke, S. L. (2004). Tools of the Trade : A Therapist’s Guide to Art Therapy Assessments. Springfield,

          Il:  Charles C. Thomas.

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