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Narcissism and Related Topics Resources

The below articles have been made available to assist students of Connie Buck’s Fall 2015 Human Development course (CN AT 522) in their current research.  These articles have been pulled from the selected bibliography that Dr. Buck has made available to students.  Please note, however, that they do not represent the full extent of resources on narcissism and related topics to which Quimby has access.

In addition to the articles, Quimby has pulled from its physical holdings a number the books listed on the narcissism and related topics selected bibliography.  Please see library staff for details and access options.

Asper-Bruggisser (1987) – Shadow aspects of narcissistic disorders and their therapeutic treatment

Satinover (1980) – Puer Aeternus, The narcissistic relation to the self

Stolorow & Brandchaft (1987) – Developmental failure and psychic conflict

Feel free to bring to Quimby’s staff any questions on the above info and resources and any other of your research needs.

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