Southwestern College Santa Fe, NM
  • “Infant Mental Health is a leading area of job growth in the mental health field. Earning this certificate will expand your career opportunities enormously…”
    --Former President Jim Nolan

  • “There is nothing automatic about it. The kind of brain that each baby develops is the brain that comes out of his or her particular experiences with people.”
    Sue Gerhardt, Why Love Matters

  • Skills you will learn:
    How to recognize and work with infant mental health issues
    How to establish healthy boundaries as a practitioner supporting infant mental health

  • Skills you will learn:
    How to become conscious of and assess one’s own internal process when working with infants and families.
    To identify key domains of infant development while deepening sensitivity and awareness of
    child-caregiver interactions

  • Skills you will learn:
    Strategies for assessing problems within the infant-caregiver relationship and selecting appropriate interventions
    To identify ethical issues in working with infants and their families

Infant Mental Health

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