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The Collective Unconscious of Writing Group

The writing group at SWC is a place where students, faculty, and staff can come together and share in a communal free-writing experience each Thursday at noon. Patterned after Natalie Goldberg's exercises, we start with a prompt of some sort and write for a few minutes, then, if we want, we share what we wrote.…
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Part 2 of 3 in a Series about Ownership Language

(Part 1, if you missed it...)Part 2: Practical Examples of Ownership Language  I look around and see so many things that say "Stop doing THIS!" or "Don't do/think/act THIS way!" or even "Fight THIS!"With so much negative bombardment, is it any wonder I feel so overwhelmed and defeated much of the time, especially when I scroll through…
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A letter to potential SWC students

Hello! My name is Beth Lykins, and I am a current student at SWC. I am starting my final quarter of my first year in the Art Therapy and Counseling program, and I wanted to share a student’s perspective of life at SWC. I am attending part-time, so I generally take two courses per term.…
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The Odyssey of Therapy

The newest crop of counselors and art therapists from Southwestern College had its commencement on November 7, 2015 at the James A. Little Theater at the New Mexico School for the Deaf in Santa Fe. It was a beautiful ceremony unlike any other I have attended, and being a former college professor myself, I have seen…
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Embracing the Frightened Child

On Monday evenings there is an informal gathering of writers in the art studio building on the campus of SWC. Facilitated by Ann Filemyr, this group in dedicated to self exploration and expression through writing. The rules are simple: keep your hand moving, suspend judgment, and it is OK to write bad stuff. The exercises…
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Imagination or Memory? by Beth Lykins

I am sitting here outside The Cottage (the pottery studio) at SWC listening to the sounds all around me. Across the way are the sounds of earth movers as they feverishly work to complete the new Tierra Nueva Counseling Center next door, slated to open at the beginning of 2016. In the distance is the sound…
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