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Student Loan Forgiveness – It’s Real, by Jessica Callaway

You've heard that somehow, somewhere, by working at some obscure place, you might possibly be able to get some of your student loans forgiven. "Yeah, but I've never actually KNOWN anyone who did that--it's kind of like folklore..." Well, now, one of your fellow Southwesterner alumna is here to tell you it is real, and…
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Andrew Fearnside Art Show @ Wild Heart Gallery

"Everything comes from shit." --Daniel Lanois  2014 was a long year.   In late May of 2014, I was about to complete the Preliminary Studies Program at the Santa Fe Jung Institute and a semester of study in contemporary psychodynamic work. Having completed 3,000 hours of direct client contact the previous autumn, I had been…
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The Give-Away: An Indigenous Abundance Ceremony

The Give-Away Ann Filemyr, Ph.D. Vice President of Academic Affairs & Dean, Southwestern College   In a number of different but related indigenous cultures, there exists the practice some call the Give-Away. This Ceremony is undertaken whenever an individual or family or clan group experiences a sense of great abundance, of plentitude and joy. Then…
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