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Opening the Doors to Zion

One of the many blessings of living in the Southwest is the ability to reach amazing geological locations within a day span. Over the holiday break, I had the opportunity to go to Zion National Park, the most visited and beloved National Park that I have been to thus far. Zion National Park is between…
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Seen by the Essene

A submission and transmission came today during the Creative Writing group, led by Dr. Ann Filemyr, as a response to the prompt which was to use either 'hello' or 'goodbye' as the starter for each sentence. Excuse my crude grammar, but I enjoy poetry because I can break rules without consequences. hello Holy body…
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Panel Discussion On Private Practice In Santa Fe

On November 15, 2016, Southwestern College began its Entrepreneurship Series with a panel discussion composed of a variety of helping professionals in Santa Fe. The presenters were former SWC President Jim Nolan, Ph.D., LPCC; Emilah DeToro, M.Ed., PCC; Ginna Clark, PsyD., LPCC, ATR, Faculty member, Coordinator of the Human Sexuality Certificate Program; and Jessica Reeves,…
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First Year Student Living in New Mexico for the First Time

Being a first year student and new resident to New Mexico, orientation and the thought of the first day of classes was very intimidating. However, orientation was a great time. I met a lot of genuine and friendly fellow students in my cohort. After those two days, I feel excited to see where these next two years…
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Ecotherapy Interview: Post 1

The Ecotherapy certificate program at Southwestern College offers a Wilderness Fast each year to interested individuals. In September 2016, Wilderness Fast members took a 9-day trip to Canyon De Chelly with Katherine Ninos and Carol Parker, the founder of the Wilderness Fasts offered at Southwestern College. This is an interview with one of the program…
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New Beginnings

I am settling into the first quarter of graduate school, and I can barely believe I am here- a sentiment it appears I share with many of my fellow students. Choosing to pursue a career in art therapy felt like choosing to chase a dream, but sitting in class after class with my brilliant classmates…
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Interview with Carol Parker

I, Rene, had the amazing opportunity to meet with Carol Parker at a coffee shop called Dulce in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Carol Parker brings with her a wealth of knowledge related to ceremonial space, initiations and rite-of-passages, and was the initiator of Wilderness Fasts at Southwestern College. I asked her to meet to learn more…
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