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Living Dreams Exhibition

Wild Heart Gallery ExhibitionArt Therapy/Counseling student, Rebecca LaPera, is in a cohort of 25 people who are about to enter into the last phase of the Southwestern College graduate program - internship.  She had a dream where she saw her classmates' work from the past two years exhibited in the Wild Heart Gallery. Inspired by this…
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Did You Know I Drive a Yellow Lamborghini? Reflections on Practicum and Internship…

Thoughts on Practicum and Internship from a Second Year Student at Southwestern College   - Your practicum is an awesome experience. Seeing first clients will never happen again. You have time in supervision to hash out concerns and explore ideas, and hear other people’s ways of doing therapy. We are all different, and it’s a…
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Clinical Training in Counseling and Art Therapy @ Southwestern College, Santa Fe

What Kind of Training do Counselors and Art Therapists Get?In graduate training for Counseling and Art Therapy, you take a number of courses related to the theory and practice of Counseling or Art Therapy. Makes sense. In these classes, you learn fairly directly about “doing therapy.” And at Southwestern College, we strongly encourage the instructor…
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Practicum in Counseling – by Eliza Buck

Entering the second year of my counseling program, I immediately felt the shift of focus from myself to the client. Going to the Southwestern Counseling Center for Practicum concretizes this transition. The Center sits in a small shopping mall surrounded by fun businesses such as the cycling shop, an Ayurvedic café and a paleteria (Mexican…
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