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FAQs for New Earth Institute Certificate Programs

1. How do I apply to a certificate program?

The application process is simple and easy. Just complete this application form which will go to the admissions office. (There is a drop down menu where you can choose NEI Certificate Program Application.)

2. Do I have to complete the application in order to take a certificate class?

No, you do not. You can take one or more classes in any of the certificate programs and if you decide you want to complete an entire certificate, you complete the application form and submit it. All the certificate classes you took prior to the application will be counted toward the certificate.

3. Are there any fees for applying to the program?

The application for a NEI Certificate program is free. 

4. There are two prices for the certificate classes. Do I have to take the classes for “credit” (2 quarter units) in order for it to count for a certificate?

No. You can take the certificate classes for the CE rate and that is usually $375 per weekend. Degree seeking students may choose to take one or more certificate classes for “credit” to count as a required elective in their specific program.

5. How do I register for a certificate course?

You can go directly to https://newearth.regfox.com/nei-registration-form to register online. Or you can call the registrar directly at 505-467-6809. We recommend you register early for classes as they can fill up.

6. How much does an entire certificate program cost?

The cost for each program will vary. Each program requires completing six classes. For the most part, each class can be taken at the non-credit rate of $375. The Wilderness Fast in the Ecotherapy Certificate program rate is a higher price because it is a 9-day program.

7. What can I do with a certificate form NEI?

The certificate coursework can be taken to accrue continuing education credits for licensed professionals (i.e. nurses, massage therapists, chaplains, ministers, art therapists, counselors, psychologists). Degree seeking students can take certificate coursework to create a specialty within their program, which may give them leverage in applying for specific jobs.

8. How long do I have to complete the courses needed for my certificate?

Students and community members pursuing a certificate through the New Earth Institute must complete all classes required for the Certificate within six (6) years of taking the first class.

9. How do I get a packet that describes all of the certificate programs?

You can complete the Information Request Form and we will send you a packet. You can also call us directly at 505-467-6815 or 505-467-6591 to get more questions answered.

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