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The Annual Transformation and Healing Conference

We’re excited to announce the return of our annual conference! 

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Transformation and Healing Conference August 16th – 18th, 2024

Community Building in Turbulent Times: Healing Collective Grief & Trauma

As a global community, we seem to be experiencing increasingly turbulent times with fear and anxiety related to climate change, post-pandemic fragmentation, war, violence, ethnic and racial tension, addiction, and many other destabilizing events. Withdrawal, isolation, disengagement, apathy, and distrust are natural, yet further damaging, reactions. Wisdom teachings invite us to lean in, connect, and heal, through ritual, ceremony, and community building. This year’s Transformation & Healing Conference is dedicated to this effort. It will provide opportunities to explore alternative and ancient pathways, as well as cutting edge research and evidence-based approaches for healing collective grief and trauma. Stay tuned for details regarding workshops and presenters!  

View past conference brochures here:   

2019 – Numinous Dimensions of Consciousness and Healing

2018 – Creativity, Consciousness and Connection in Challenging Times

2017 –  Wellness in a Culture of Addiction

2016 – At the Crossroads of Human Potential

2015 – Diversity, Healing and Consciousness

2014 – Consciousness and Compulsivity

2013 – Creative Approaches to the Healing Arts

2012 – Through the Looking Glass: Perspectives on Systems, Trauma and Resilience

2011 – Interpersonal Neurobiology: Integrating Body, Mind and Spirit

2010 – Nurturing Our Children, Healing Our Future

2009 – Consciousness in the Age of Aquarius

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