Conscious Entrepreneurship Initiative

Many of us in the healing arts do not consider Counseling/Art Therapy and “Business” or “Entrepreneurship” to be natural bedfellows, but the New Economy has changed that forever.

Private Practice, Coaching, Consulting, Contract Work, Freelancing—these are all, in essence, entrepreneurial, business initiatives, whether they are identified as such or not. The reality is that many of our graduates are now business people, working within the mental health or healing arts industry.

At Southwestern College, we not only acknowledge this shift in our field, but we are actively offering to help prepare our students for the business end of their career.

As we’ve watched our graduates go off into private practice, coaching, or some other independent venture, it became clear that they would benefit a great deal from some mentorship in the business end of things while in graduate school. That’s why we are doing this.

At Southwestern College, we believe aspiring and newbie practitioners want and need this information, these entrepreneurial and technology skills, in order to optimally navigate the somewhat uncharted waters of spiritually-sourced, consciousness-based, human services-oriented entrepreneurship.