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There are unparalleled opportunities at Southwestern. If you are interested in our Art Therapy/Counseling master’s degree program, consider this—you could leave Southwestern with eligibility to sit for licensure in Art Therapy, Counseling, and what in New Mexico is called the LADAC—Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor. You could even pick up a certificate in Children’s Mental HealthHuman SexualityGrief, Loss & Trauma, and you could have done a Vision Quest along the way. That kind of value is simply unmatchable, especially at schools where the Art Therapy degree does not offer the Counseling possibility. Check out our “Jobs in Mental Health” page and see how many additional jobs you would be a candidate for with each additional credential. The number goes up by multiples. (Honestly, we know of no other school that is doing so much to help students prepare for the job market…)

Same goes with our Counseling MA degree. You can get the LADAC and additional professional certificates, and be ready to hit the career market running. That is a fast track to professional development and advancement.

We are a small academic community with a diverse and creative student body who are aspiring to make a difference in the field of mental health and healing. Most are attracted to our programs because we have an integrative or holistic approach to studies. We offer both the clinical training and a self-reflective, experiential learning approach which creates opportunities for our students to build confidence and a readiness to practice in the field. Our students are getting  jobs throughout the United States and working in hospitals, schools, agencies, recovery centers, private practice and more. They are involved with professional associations at all levels.


Students on staircaseAs part of SWC’s Conscious Entrepreneurship Initiative, we have created a website for posting professional jobs in Counseling, Art Therapy, and Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling, with advice on career choice and professional development. This initiative also teaches students and alumni the business skills, private practice skills, branding, marketing and social media skills needed to establish yourself in the field, starting while you are a student.

We invite you to learn more about us by perusing our blogs, visiting FacebookPinterest and other social media where you can experience the heart of Southwestern and Santa Fe. If you would like to be connected with current students or alumni email us with this request at  info@swc.edu OR you can scroll down and connect  with a few of our students directly by clicking on their name, reading their bio and emailing them. We also have some links here on this page to blogs that may interest you.

What Current Students have to say about SWC:

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(And if you have never been to Santa Fe, that is a whole other storybook aspect of Southwestern we will cover on another page…)

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