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Monthly Archive August 2011

Inspiring Stories About Our Students

Since 2006, Transformational Eco-Psychology students at SWC  have been reconnecting to Mother Earth by going on Wilderness Fasts, praying in sweat lodges, practicing Andean energy healing techniques, and participating in other indigenous healing ceremonies. But how have these folks been applying what they learn, once they are out in the professional world of mental health?…
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Living On The Edge

Living here in Santa Fe means "living on the edge"...the edge of the High Desert, of course, but also the  edginess  of transformation,healing, and initiation.  At Southwestern College, students and teachers find themselves almost daily on some "edge" as we encounter and work with one another, our clients,  and ourselves, often in profound connection with…
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The Beginning

I am going on my ninth year here at SWC and I remember very well when I arrived in Santa Fe. I came from Friday Harbor where I had been overseeing a whale adoption program featuring the resident orca pods in the Salish Sea (Puget Sound). How did a trained counselor end up…
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