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Beautiful Boy

Beautiful Boy - by Deborah Schroder I recently picked up the newly-released edition of Beautiful Boy, David Sheff’s powerful story of addiction and recovery within his own family. I was overwhelmed with the exquisite authenticity of Sheff’s description of family art therapy because I was the art therapist in the scene that he eloquently shared. His…
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A chance to see Shaun McNiff, Ph.D., ATR Saturday, August 25 at the T&H Conference

"The last time I saw Shaun McNiff present was in Lucca, Italy. The audience was filled with therapists from all over the world, and he had us on the edge of our seats, laughing at his lively humor and moved by his insight into this human experience.  I felt like he was speaking directly…
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Why I Resist by Deb Schroder

Why I Resist There are a number of stories swirling around about the recent American Art Therapy Association conference. And no one can deny that it was intense and the atmosphere was charged with passion. Simply put, the hot topic was the AATA Board of Directors’ decision to support Karen Pence’s art therapy initiative, and…
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Flexible Resonating Or Who are You Drawn To? by Deb Schroder

Flexible Resonating Or Who are You Drawn To? As a child I really loved “Bunny Rabbit”, the silent bunny on Captain Kangaroo. I suppose that could have predicted my introverted personality. I cringe when my youngest grandson seems spellbound by “SpongeBob” – I can only hope that’s not a predictor of anything. Similarly, there are…
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Summer Beach Reading from the “Sea of Whiteness” by Deborah Schroder

Summer Beach Reading from the “Sea of Whiteness”I remember seeing lists of books in magazines that were deemed appropriate for “summer beach reading”, the assumption being that we all deserved a break from heavier reading material during the summer. I like that idea, in theory. But the truth is that I read what I read…
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