Southwestern College Santa Fe, NM

Francesca Bottos, M.A., LPCC

Francesca Rose Bottos is a native born New Mexican and has been deeply influenced by the culture and diversity she has grown up within. While in college she traveled to New Zealand where she studied Maori and Polynesian culture and ethnomusicology, and has continued to travel and develop cultural appreciation and awareness. Her passion for culture, creativity and music has been applied to her career by writing several creative programs for youth empowerment within schools and being the Executive Director, program developer and youth group facilitator at the nonprofit BackTalk for seven years.  She worked as a contract counselor with Southwest Family Guidance Center for seven years, working with families and individuals of diverse backgrounds. She specializes in working with with adolescents, individuals, mothers and families.

Currently Francesca works in private practice at Living Waters Institute along with Kate Cook and Helga Perez. She is devoted to incorporating creativity, interpersonal neurobiology, music, group work and social and emotional intelligence into her practice.  

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