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Reflecting on Indigenous Peoples Day by Kira Jackson, SWC Student

Being in the northeast, the hustle and bustle of the cities domineers everything. Regionally the energy is impatient, it’s fast-paced, it’s strong-willed. There’s always people, TONS of traffic, and a hundred different moving parts. You were never really encouraged to put your feet into the grass and just allow yourself to be when growing up…
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Courageous Community Conversation on Decolonial Practices

This is part of a series of conversations hosted by Southwestern College and held via zoom to invite sharing on pressing social topics. This conversation led by Ann Filemyr, Southwestern College President and Director of the Ecotherapy Certificate, on August 16 focused on investigating how we have been shaped by ‘colonial mind’ and how we…
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Ecotherapy, Self Care and Nature

This conversation between SWC President Ann Filemyr, Ph.D., who also serves as Director of the Ecotherapy Certificate, and alumna MelindaJoy Pattison explores the benefits of Ecotherapy, especially during the pandemic with the higher levels of stress we are all experiencing. Simple ways to access nature, even on a city street or in a backyard, and…
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Southwestern College and the Temple of Chavin: Educational Centers for the Transformation of Consciousness

By Laura Addiss, current counseling student at Southwestern College, and Juan Rivas Palacios, medicine guide and wisdom keeper of Chavin Laura: As future counselors it is essential that we go into our own shadows, to observe and understand our emotions, thoughts, and fears. We must find the courage to look at our unresolved trauma and…
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Healing the Patriarchal Wound by Dr. Ann Filemyr, President Southwestern College, Ecotherapy Certificate Director

  I define the patriarchal wound as ancestral suffering and intergenerational trauma caused by the power imbalance between genders. Under patriarchy, boys, men and the masculine are considered inherently superior while girls, women and the feminine are considered inherently inferior. The extreme social positionality of superior vs. inferior causes distance between the genders and distorts…
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