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Alligator Allchemy

72" x 36" chalk on paper This image was created one summer day on the back of a large scroll of paper flattened and taped to the floor of my garage. Art for me is an attempt to make the invisible experiences of life visible. And so even as I grasp for the formless in…
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Rainbow Bridge

by Jocelyn Elder, Copyright 2012   I am a SWC alumnus '93. "Rainbow Bridge" was one of a series of paintings I created in my recovery from cancer. Each painting that I did at that time of my life spoke to me, giving me information about what I needed to do (on a psychospiritual level) to heal.Although…
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10" x 18", handmade paper When I use my black ink pen (Micron or Staedtler) and thick handmade paper, I delve into an unconscious movement. I start with a feeling, a knowing that I need to create, and I move from there. I never know what will come from the image that I am creating. In…
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