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Artful Networking in Santa Fe

by Kat DisonBefore moving to Santa Fe, I worked as a full time artist, retainedamazing professional representation, participated in artistresidencies, and frequently held group and solo exhibitions. AlthoughI did well for myself in the profession and was able to support myselfthrough a combination of sales of my art and applications for grants,I wanted to pursue…
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A Southwestern College Intern’s Letter from Prison…

Reflection Option #3: A Letter to My Teacher--By Colleen Dougherty Dr. Carol Parker, Ph.D Southwestern College, Santa Fe, NM Dec. 3, 2012   Dear Carol, I am writing to tell you about my experiences so far in the AmeriCorps program called OARS-Opportunities in AmeriCorps for Re-entry Success. This program exists in four of New Mexico’s…
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Students at Southwestern College, Santa Fe, Learn Powerful Clinical Skills

We just don't talk about it as much as we should, and you may end up with a slanted view of Southwestern College's strengths... Here, Dr. Jim Nolan brings you a lot of information about both the Southwestern College clinical training, and how it is received by supervisors and agencies in our community---REALLY good news…
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Why Southwestern College (Santa Fe) Is All Over Social Media

Speaking the Language of the Digital Natives OK, here is something the world needs. Authentic, committed, serious, spirited, informed, good-humored, action-backed, energetic and collaborative conversations and team-building around "Social Media and Higher Education." Oh, sure there are Linked In and Facebook groups that kind of look like they could be having these conversations, but mostly…
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Pinterest Shows Off the Santa Fe & New Mexico Brand for Southwestern College

Pinterest as a Marketing Tool in Higher Education By Dr. James Michael Nolan Southwestern College is in Santa Fe, New Mexico, home of the “magic hour light” that has been the siren call for the likes of Georgia O’Keeffe and countless artists and photographers from all over the world. It is the second largest art…
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