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Monthly Archive April 2021

“Healing the Racial Complex in our American Psyche” by Kate Latimer, Program Chair MA in Counseling

  As I reflect on the recent guilty x3 verdict of Dereck Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd, I hope Mr. Floyd’s family feel some relief with the jury’s decision, but I know from experience working with survivors of violent crime that the outcome of a trial does not erase loss or stop the…
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Beyond “Bad” News by Kate Latimer, Program Chair MA in Counseling

  I recently read a New York Times article titled, Bad News Bias, (published Wednesday, March 24, 2021) citing a recent study showing that press coverage of COVID-19 was overwhelmingly negative in the US, compared to other countries. The article’s author, David Leonhardt wrote, “When Covid cases were rising in the U.S., the news coverage…
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