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Roadtrip to Chaco

Since so many of our students come to us from out of state, many want to explore the region and there is so much here to discover and experience! Chaco Canyon is an ancient site that is popular to visit. I will share my experience here just to give you a flavor.... Chaco is only…
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Mandala work

In a graduate school that has a large student body studying art therapy,  it is no surpise that the mandala is used both in and outside the classroom. In Archetypal Psychology the counseling and art therapy students create personal mandalas and follow their progress in the class visually. In a mindfulness practice, when it is…
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Spiritual Practice Room & Practice

We have time during the week where students can participate in open art studio for artmaking and in addition we have a time around the noon hour where students can participate in a mindfulness practice in our spiritual practice room. These sessions may look different depending upon who is involved. Those who participate help to create…
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