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Did You Know I Drive a Yellow Lamborghini? Reflections on Practicum and Internship…

Thoughts on Practicum and Internship from a Second Year Student at Southwestern College   - Your practicum is an awesome experience. Seeing first clients will never happen again. You have time in supervision to hash out concerns and explore ideas, and hear other people’s ways of doing therapy. We are all different, and it’s a…
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GRAD SCHOOL @swcsantafe IS….

... staying in on a Saturday night to write a paper with the company of a Santa Fe Pale Ale and burning sage. ... is making, screaming at, rebelling against, and recreating a budget over and over again as I stumble towards financial sobriety. ... is shedding the self-construct that automates what I…
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Is Affordability of Grad School Making You Feel Fear-Based?

Affordability of Graduate School Revisited… Dru tells me that many people who look seriously into Southwestern College decide to “stay closer to home”,or decide that “money is an issue”. While I guess I more or less understand that, I would not necessarily recommend either of those as a good reason not to come here if…
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10 Reasons to Choose Southwestern College, Santa Fe, for Graduate School

Where Should You Go To Grad School for Counseling or Art Therapy?   By Allegra Borghese, first year Art Therapy/Counseling student  1. CLASSROOM SIZE. The number of students in an average class at Southwestern College is less than 15, with the range being from about 8-20 students per class, and fewer for Practicum Labs. This number creates…
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