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Moment of Truth Exhibition

Wild Heart Gallery To find out more about the exhibition in the Wild Heart Gallery called Moment of Truth, I sat down with Sarah Ehle, the liaison for the cohort of 13 art therapy/counseling students preparing to go into the internship part of the Southwestern College masters program, to talk about the meaning of this theme. …
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Who’s Who at Southwestern College – Denise Moore

Early on in my graduate internship at a family counseling agency, a supervisor told me, "We have the best jobs in the world, for we get to witness, hold and create change." I remember being pulled by those words, but I do not think I truly understood what they meant, and I am still unraveling…
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Living Dreams Exhibition

Wild Heart Gallery Exhibition Art Therapy/Counseling student, Rebecca LaPera, is in a cohort of 25 people who are about to enter into the last phase of the Southwestern College graduate program - internship.  She had a dream where she saw her classmates' work from the past two years exhibited in the Wild Heart Gallery. Inspired by…
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