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From the Charm City to the Land of Enchantment! Discovering the Gift in being the only African American in my Graduate School Classes

  It’s been approximately 60 days since I packed up Lotus, my 2003 Honda Pilot, with all of my belongings that I could fit into it so I could relocate to Santa Fe to pursue my MA degree in Art Therapy & Counseling at SWC! Yes, I left the “Charm City” (Baltimore, MD), leaving my…
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Please Keep Your LPCC License…

One of my several mentors, Dr. Sandra Shulman, told me to never let a professional license lapse.  So I went ahead and did, and always regretted it. There were reasons, of course--almost always money. It almost always created unforeseen headaches. Sometimes a LOT of them, and sometimes it took a long time and a lot…
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Moment of Truth Exhibition

Wild Heart Gallery The current exhibition up in the Wild Heart Gallery is called Moment of Truth. I sat down with Sarah Ehle, the liaison for the cohort of 13 art therapy/counseling students preparing to go into the internship part of the Southwestern College masters program, to talk about the meaning of this theme. Sarah…
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Being a Counselor Activist – SWC Alumna Kate Latimer

Being a Counselor Activist I was outraged from an early age.  They say if you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention, so I guess I was paying attention.  In 8th grade I protested my Spanish teacher who insisted that even the Mexican and Guatemalan kids in our class speak Spanish with a Castilian lisp, asserting…
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ACTION ALERT for SATURDAY 9:30 am ! Art Therapy Bill being heard !

We need you! Saturday, February 11th 2017 ACTION ALERT for SATURDAY 9:30 am ! Art Therapy Bill being heard ! NMATA and SWC are working together to pass a law requiring insurance companies to reimburse independently licensed art therapists.  This is important legislation for the health and well-being of our state.  We have testimony covered,…
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