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Community-Based Ecopsychology Project

Community-Based Ecotherapy by Rene Tricou I am a Master’s degree student at Southwestern College working toward the Transformational Ecopsychology certificate. During my first year, many of the courses I took assisted me going deeper within myself to bring out the future counselor and process facilitator in me. I was the first student to enroll…
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Adjusting to Southwestern College and New Mexico by Mackenzie McConnell

Adjusting to Southwestern College and New Mexico It’s challenging to express what my experience adjusting to Southwestern College and Santa Fe has been like. Finding ways to describe how magical, fulfilling, and painful it has been almost seems impossible. I arrived in  Santa Fe from Oregon in August and I had almost two months…
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Opportunity to Attend a “Sweat Lodge” (Inipi) at Southwestern College

  JOIN THE TRANSFORMATIONAL ECOPSYCHOLOGY PROGRAM FOR AN UPCOMING INIPI (SWEAT LODGE) and CANNUPA (SACRED PIPE CEREMONY) OCTOBER 28 AND 29 led by Dr. Scott Thomas. Registration is still open! Contact to register. Ecopsychology at Southwestern College: One Faculty Member's experience of Ceremonial Indoctrination and Transformation By Scott Thomas, Ph.D., LCSW, LADAC, CDVC3 When…
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