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Ecotherapy: How Many Thousands of Years of Evidence Do We Need?

Earth-Based Practices and the Problem with Evidence-Based Practice “Epistemology” is the study of “Knowledge,” and how we know what we know, or what makes us think we “know” the things we think we know. Some people need “data”, some rely more on intuition; some need experientials, some deep reflection; some do lit reviews, some do…
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Becoming Visionary: The Key To Our Successful Future

Becoming Visionary Is A Mindset You Will Need    --by Jim Nolan  What does it mean to be “Visionary”?  Visionary means looking into our unprecedentedly uncertain future and introducing innovation and creativity with a conscious intention of identifying the most useful questions, possibilities, solutions, and actions for making positive change in the world. The…
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Conscious Entrepreneurship: Let’s Meet Dr. Varghese

Conscious Entrepreneurship:  Why You Should Know Dr. Melvin Varghese Melvin Varghese is an incredibly likable guy who created what has blossomed into a huge phenomenon called “Selling the Couch.” He is a Psychologist who has created Podcasts, blogs, a Facebook Group, and other products aimed at helping you in private practice. This covers about every…
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#AATA2017: American Art Therapy Association Convention in Albuquerque!

Here in Albuquerque, the town is abuzz with over a thousand Art Therapist burning down the house... How great to experience! I feel honored to be among them... SO many Southwestern College students, alumni, faculty, and friends are here, celebrating a very fast-growing profession, enjoying the camaraderie (this is TRULY a Tribe), and honoring all…
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