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Southwestern Soundbites: Whitney Tressel on Certainty in Uncertain Times

Photo of Whitney Tressel, taken by Adria Malcolm. Welcome to Southwestern Soundbites! In this episode, Courtney Shackelford talks to Whitney Tressel; current Art Therapy and Counseling student, graduate assistant, travel photographer, and all around amazing human. Whitney talks about going to grad school, how the pandemic clarified her path, and the power of getting still.…
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Creativity & Healing and an invite to “SWC Creative Commons” by President Ann Filemyr

Creativity & Healing Social distancing does not have to limit our creativity. Are you dancing in the living room? Playing the ukulele in bed? Singing in the shower? Penning poetry by the window? Perhaps this time apart has offered you an opportunity to express yourself. What are you longing to say in this moment? So…
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Southwestern Soundbites: A Second Master’s Degree and Art Therapy

Hello, and welcome to Southwestern Soundbites. In this episode, Dru Phoenix talks about her experience as someone who already had a Master's degree and later decided to pursue another Master's degree in Art Therapy. She also discusses the power of art and what led to her decision to go in this direction. Tune in for…
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Creative Conversations: Navigating a New Landscape of Synchronous Teaching & Learning

Contributors: Emilah DeToro, Magdalena Karlick, Seren Morris, Virginia Padilla-Vigil, and April Vogel In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our faculty at Southwestern College had to quickly mobilize to transition courses from face-to-face to online synchronous delivery.  This, of course, created numerous challenges, the most significant being, how to maintain the spirit of transformational…
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A Therapist in Times of Covid-19 : by alum Allegra Borghese

            As I write this, I am completing my final doctoral externship at a VA medical center in New York. My last day in the office was Friday, March 13th, after discovering three people I had direct contact with tested positive for Covid-19. I moved my caseload to telehealth the following Monday, and since then…
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Southwestern Soundbites: Trauma Theory

Welcome to Southwestern Soundbites– quick audio clips featuring current students, staff, and faculty discussing SWC’s various certificate programs and happenings at Southwestern. This episode features Courtney Shackelford, current student in the Art Therapy and Counseling program and also admissions staff, and Dru Phoenix, alum of the Art Therapy and Counseling program and Director of Enrollment…
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Some Reflections on Providing Therapeutic Services in the Changing Times of COVID19

By Val Valentine Wow, what a difference a month can make!  I went from a full private practice with between 25-30 face to face clients a week, to 15-20 clients per week with every session either on-line or by phone; some clients ready and discharged and some needing to take a break during this time…
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Message from Alum Carie King during the Pandemic

Photo by Carie King, taken on a road trip to Grand Junction, CO.  Carie grew up in Maine with a wildlife biologist / photographer, so her appreciate of Earth’s beauty is life-long. Colorado’s lakes and mountains rival Maine’s. Message from Carie:  I think I’ve been experiencing “stages of grief” … (I’ve definitely gone through…
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An Alum Updates us during the Pandemic

Aloha my Southwestern colleagues!  My name is Tess Yong Kim, and I am a graduate of 11/10/2018.  I began my clinical practice on 2/6/2019 as an LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor).  I’ve been working throughout this COVID-19 pandemic. I Just ended my weekly, “Substance Abuse Group Therapy,” with 8 clients through the Zoom video at…
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Message of Reassurance to SWC Students during COVID-19 from President Ann Filemyr

A Message of Reassurance   Dear Students, Today I was deeply moved to read the responses to the student survey distributed by our Student Success Team under the leadership of Emilah DeToro, Director of Student & Career Services. I was touched by a student who wrote that they would like a “message of reassurance from…
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Holding the Heart

By Deborah Schroder An individual Zoom meeting with a student inspired me to think about this, and I so appreciate that. The student was wondering how faculty members were working to keep the heart of Southwestern present as we implement these new ways of teaching and “seeing” clients. Prior to my first class this quarter,…
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Cracked Wide Open

An apt title for the potential personal experience this global pandemic has encouraged. Two days after it was announced that gatherings of 50 or more people needed to be postponed, and that public schools in New Mexico would be closed until April 6th (now that has been extended through the end of the school year),…
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