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Monthly Archive June 2020

Ann Filemyr, College President on “Racial Justice” with painting by Onde Chymes

   My heart has been heavy this past week as yet another African American man was brutally murdered by a white police officer. The brutality has once again sparked outrage, grief, shock and demand for change. The persistent legacy of institutionalized racism, combined with the lack of national leadership condemning such overtly racist acts, leaves…
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Conversations I Never Had with My Daughter, By Deborah Schroder, Program Chair MA in Art Therapy/Counseling

  I asked her permission to write this. It’s more her story than mine, but she doesn’t have time to write anything, being a mom of three small ones. My daughter stopped in to pick up treats I’d made for my grandson who’s struggling. It seemed like time to check in with her about more…
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