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Opening My Ears, My Mind Lets Go

Perhaps you can relate to the state in which I found myself a few days ago—heart tight, body tense, mind churning, going over and over events from the far and recent past and in a useless but unyielding manner. I find myself in such a state fairly often, probably due to the fact that I…
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Compassion Fatigue – With a Southwestern Twist! by Colleen Dougherty

In August of 2011, I presented a 1 ½ hour talk on compassion fatigue in animal care work to about 35 people at the New Mexico State Humane Conference in Albuquerque. Soon after I returned to Ohio for my Internship, I got an e-mail from the sponsoring shelter in ABQ, asking when I could come…
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Inspiring Stories About Our Students

Since 2006, Ecotherapy students at SWC  have been reconnecting to Mother Earth by going on Wilderness Fasts, praying in sweat lodges, practicing Andean energy healing techniques, and participating in other indigenous healing ceremonies. But how have these folks been applying what they learn, once they are out in the professional world of mental health?  Here…
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