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PhD in Visionary Practice & Regenerative Leadership at Southwestern College

This is a doctoral degree program for mavericks, creatives, innovators, and transdisciplinary scholar-activists. Develop skills and abilities for grounding and actualizing an original vision. Distilled from your life experience and soul stirrings, the universe is unfurling from within you. This program helps you clarify your vision and capacity to lead a program, practice, policy, creation, or other initiative. Learn to facilitate change processes that contribute to the transformations needed in the world around us.

Our residencies and core classes support you at the nexus of resurgence and regeneration to gain tools, approaches, and frameworks to clarify and plant your vision seed. Our educational program features experiential and transformational learning. Classes include

Embodied Cosmology

Traditions of Native American Thought: New Minds and New Worlds

Regenerative Leadership

Embodied Social Justice Leadership for Vision and Regeneration 

Roots and Streams: Finding Your Voice, Clarifying Your Vision, Mapping Your Influences

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Coursework promotes:

  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Transdisciplinarity
  • Decolonizing Methods
  • Regenerative Inquiry
  • Partnership-Based Collaborative Leadership
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Program Director

Ann Filemyr, PhD

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PhD Faculty

Degree Faculty  

Transformational, Experiential Learning 

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You carry the vision seeds for change within you. We need leaders and practitioners who are prepared to innovate and participate in change both within themselves and in the world. Join us for this experience!

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