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Southwestern Soundbites: AAR Holistic Models and Biological Aspects of Addiction and Recovery

Welcome to another episode of Southwestern Soundbites– quick audio clips featuring current students, staff, and faculty discussing SWC’s various certificate programs. In this episode, Courtney Shackelford (Admissions Associate and current student) talks to her friend and peer, Amanda LaMendola. Amanda is both a student in the Art Therapy/Counseling program and the Addictions, Abuse, and Recovery…
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Who’s Who at Southwestern College – Brian Serna

“Who’s Who at Southwestern College” Southwestern College is really defined by the extraordinary  individuals who work there--the staff, instructors, and the board members. In an effort to give you a more intimate sense of our school, we are launching the “Who’s Who at Southwestern College” series so that you will get to know these extraordinary…
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Abstaining from Narcissism

At Southwestern College, in the first year of classes, the instructors and the curriculum invite us to look deeply at ourselves. We are invited to become more aware of both inner sources of strength and unconscious patterns that may not be serving us. I'm very grateful to have had this opportunity for self-inquiry. I'm sure…
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