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Inipi by Mark C. Speight

Inipi   Into the Inipi,               the pulsing womb,               the comfort of darkness,               the heat of intention,               the heartbeat of drums taught with flesh,               the suffocating smoke of the sacred,                              the ashes,                              the silence,                              the humanity.   I crawl.   I am blind,              …
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A Boy & His Sketchbook by William C. Jenkins, Jr.

Poem in Third person about your wildest love A Boy & His Sketchbook There once was a introverted boy, most people associated him with being shy, living in the projects. The boy didn’t have many friends; to be honest he didn’t like his fellow classmates. They were into sports, smoking/selling weed, and joining gangs. All…
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Council of All Beings

Council of All Beings            The Ecotherapy Certificate Program under the leadership of Dr. Ann Filemyr, Director of the Ecotherapy certificate program and President of Southwestern College, hosted a ceremonial weekend, October 28-30, 2016 to honor and celebrate our kinship with all beings. We became the Council of All Beings. Below are a few of…
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