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Southwestern Soundbites: Whitney Tressel on Certainty in Uncertain Times

Photo of Whitney Tressel, taken by Adria Malcolm. Welcome to Southwestern Soundbites! In this episode, Courtney Shackelford talks to Whitney Tressel; current Art Therapy and Counseling student, graduate assistant, travel photographer, and all around amazing human. Whitney talks about going to grad school, how the pandemic clarified her path, and the power of getting still.…
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Southwestern Soundbites: A Second Master’s Degree and Art Therapy

Hello, and welcome to Southwestern Soundbites. In this episode, Dru Phoenix talks about her experience as someone who already had a Master's degree and later decided to pursue another Master's degree in Art Therapy. She also discusses the power of art and what led to her decision to go in this direction. Tune in for…
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The Call of the Times and the Rise of Art Therapy

Featured Artwork: Mandala Buddha, acrylic on paper, 36"x24", 2012, Tejal Murray Over the last few blogs, I’ve been exploring Stephen Cope’s The Great Work of Your Life in a general way with examples from my own life. Today, I’m going to dive more deeply into the teachings by profiling one of Southwestern College’s graduates. …
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