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The World Dream – a poem

 The World DreamIn the dream of the whole worldShe notes    a pair of red-tailed hawks                    a wedding of white deer            an uproar of ravens                a terror of coyotes    a pile of wives            a slumber of cellos        an apotheosis of poets                a maverick of boys    a hippo of fresh baked macaroons        beside a tiger mug        steaming with peppermint teaIn the dream of the whole world She hears    a…
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Embracing the Frightened Child

On Monday evenings there is an informal gathering of writers in the art studio building on the campus of SWC. Facilitated by Ann Filemyr, this group in dedicated to self exploration and expression through writing. The rules are simple: keep your hand moving, suspend judgment, and it is OK to write bad stuff. The exercises…
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What I Love About My New Home in the Southwest by Lauren Hamilton

 It has officially been two months since I've made Santa Fe my home, and the beauty I have been discovering over these past 60 days has been absolutely unreal. Moving here from Colorado, I was a little worried coming to a place that at first thought invokes mental images of cacti and dusty desert plains. While…
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Self-Care and HedgeHUGS

I’ve always been the type to give my time, energy and love to just about everything except for myself. I eat junk food, I can’t keep a sleep schedule to save my life, and I only exercise on accident. I was able to get by doing the bare minimum for myself and not thinking too…
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Reduce Shame, Enhance Love: Reflections on Self-Love and the Journey to Find It

It was during my second week at Southwestern College, the second meeting of Tuesday’s Psychology of Altruism class, that Ann Filemyr presented us with this lesson: “reduce shame, enhance love.” We talked about feelings of shame and the aching, overwhelming presence it can have in our daily lives. Shame that can continually haunt us whether…
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The Hogwarts of Santa Fe

This morning I was chatting with one of my lovely classmates about our first two weeks at Southwestern College. She said something that instantly resonated with me- “I feel like we’re at Hogwarts!” Thinking more about this humorous comparison to Harry Potter, I began to see more and more striking parallels. We are summoned here by…
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Imagination or Memory? by Beth Lykins

I am sitting here outside The Cottage (the pottery studio) at SWC listening to the sounds all around me. Across the way are the sounds of earth movers as they feverishly work to complete the new Tierra Nueva Counseling Center next door, slated to open at the beginning of 2016. In the distance is the sound…
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Finding a Therapist

How to Find a Good Therapist Here are suggestions from the Academic Council of Southwestern College on how to find a good therapist: Seek referrals from people you trust – ask your friends, social network, fellow students and colleagues who they have found to be helpful. Just because a therapist is great for…
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